Vandalism Against Satan Chapter House

Who Stole The Satanic Christmas Tree Topper?

Vandalism Against Satan Chapter House
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Vandalism Was Expected By The Group

This past weekend, the members of The Satanic Temple’s San Jose Chapter set up their annual Christmas tree in a space in the park.

Someone Stole From The Satanic Christmas Tree[/tweetthis]

Other groups too had set up their trees in the park as is the city’s “Christmas in the Park” tradition. The Satanic tree, however, did not have a star atop it, but a curved out goat head to represent Baphomet. It was barely a week before the chapter reported that someone had stolen the tree topper.

The Satanic Temple is a religious and political group with headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts.

Police took a report on the incident and asked the group if they would like it filed as a hate crime, but the group declined. The Satanic Temple has reacted calmly to these developments, and in a very understanding manner. Sadie Satanas who is the Media Liaison for the San Jose chapter took to Facebook to explain their take on the matter.

In the post, the group appreciated San Jose for hosting them in the “Christmas in the Park” ceremony and wished people happy holidays. They went on to add they set up a Christmas tree in the park with the intention of strengthening community ties. The handcrafted Baphomet was placed atop the tree to properly represent their religion.

They continued and said the possible vandalism and/or theft was anticipated. However, they would move past the incident and continue the celebrations with the community they much love. They added they would be replacing the tree topper soon.

Satanas says people’s responses to the tree-topper theft have been “overwhelmingly positive”. A supporter even raised $115 to craft another Baphomet head.


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