Stephen Baldwin Stars in ‘God’s Club’, New Film on Religion in Schools

Stephen Baldwin Stars in ‘God’s Club’, New Film on Religion in Schools

Stephen Baldwin Stars in ‘God’s Club’, New Film on Religion in Schools
By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Stephen Baldwin) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Stephen Baldwin stars in his 10th Faith-based film God’s Club, focusing on the separation of church and state.

Compared to most ordinary school clubs like those dedicated to arts and sciences, religious communities say they are finding it hard to prosper or even to assemble. The latest Hollywood Christian film, God’s Club tackles the issue of religion in schools. It’s an entirely different genre for acclaimed director Jared Cohn, but for the film’s main actor Stephen Baldwin, God’s Club is now his 10th faith-based film.

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In an interview on the Today show, Baldwin shares the reason why faith-based films have become appealing for him. The actor cites that “I just think that there can be compelling stories told and film and television as we see Mark Burnett kind of launching, you know, bible stuff and Christian content and it’s become quite popular and successful in Hollywood right now. Hollywood is big time paying attention. So for me, what do I want my legacy to be in film? I’m very blessed and now I want to make stuff that communicates who I am, stuff relevant to my family values, things like that. And Christian films are that content.”

God’s Club revolves around the story of a public high-school teacher’s (Michael Evans played by Baldwin) struggle to re-launch the Bible Club at school. The club was originally an idea of his wife. After grieving her death, Evans decided to accomplish his wife’s goal. But reestablishing the club won’t be an easy task for the teacher and his daughter. Parents who fear their children might be indoctrinated strongly oppose Evan’s proposal. Those who oppose argue on the separation of church and state. This dilemma eventually takes its toll on his career, personal relationships particularly with his daughter and on his faith.

Actor Lorenzo Lamas plays the lead antagonist Spencer Rivers. He is the father of Victor, a student who gets attracted to Evans’ daughter Christine and will also be a key character for Spencer and other opposing individuals to eventually reconsider Evan’s Bible Club. Young Victor himself becomes intrigued with Christianity. Corbin Bernsen also takes the supporting role for Baldwin’s character.

For critics, God’s Club is a Christian film suitable for individuals of any faith. Unlike other faith-based films, it does not focus on the core ideas of the religion but instead on the cost of discipleship. Viewers won’t feel being evangelized and the film was made to be as relevant to real life occurrences. The quality of the movie is also seen to be better than ordinary or low-budget Christian films. A review pointed that it’s certainly because it is professionally produced and the characters are portrayed by notable actors.


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