The Sikh Holla Mohalla Festival is a show of military strength.

The day of Holla Mohalla is in the same month of Phalguna and is celebrated the day after Holi. The festival was started by Gobind Singh who was the 10th Sikh guru. The original intent was for a military show of prowess and festivals after Holi. It was a reminder for all of the people to be prepared and always ready to battle when necessary. This is a three day festival that is a breakdown of poetry and music as well mock battles with swords and horses. There are many daring stunts that take place to show the prowess of the military displays of power and horsemanship.

During the holiday as well there are many other events that take place such as lectures and sword fights. There is also a display of colors in which the riders of horses gallop past all of the people and they are able to see a display of military prowess.

Where Does The Name Holla Mohalla Come From?

The name itself is from halla, which is a military advance, the word itself Mohalla comes from the name that is given to an organized military column and that means that the name comes from the origins of the celebration itself as it is in fact a festival that is dedicated to showing the military prowess of the region and of the state.

What Exactly Does the Festival Entail?

The holiday is special days that is accompanied with drums as well as with standards the procession goes to one central place and that means that there is a grand flourish of people who see the procession.  During the holiday of Holi itself, people sprinkle colored powders that are mixed with water, these are used as well in the festival of Holla Mohalla. The festival lasts for a total of three days of the displays. The festival is a display of the colors of Holi as well as a continued spectacle of force, talent, and also of military prowess. This is a holiday that was only for a while celebrated in some parts of India. However, recently, it made its way to the national stage and has become a day of show, showmanship, military prowess and games for the entire country.

Holla Mohalla is a time of celebration and a time of festivities that will allow you to celebrate the holiday of Holi and afterwards take in the spectacles. The festivities mean that you will see the prowess out of the area with the military displays and the best that the region has to offer. There are many beautiful spectacles for a viewer to take in and see that are special for all of the areas of the country. All of the areas have different colors, different flags, and different spectacles to take in at the festival of Holla Mohalla. Come and check out all of the beautiful spectacles that are a part of the festival.


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