Sikh Temples Provide Refuge for Oroville Dam Evacuees

Sikh temples provide meals and shelter for Oroville dam evacuees.

Over 180,000 Northern California residents were instructed to leave their homes late on February 12 due to the erosion of the Oroville Dam's emergency spillway as ordered by California's Department of Water Resources. The spillway was constructed to prevent water from overflowing the dam at the time of high water levels. A number of Sikh temples have opened their doors for Oroville dam evacuees.[/tweetit] According to the Department of Water Resources, there is a chance of uncontrolled release of the flood waters from the lake.

Sikh Temples Provide Refuge for Oroville Dam Evacuees[/tweetthis]

Residents of a number of counties including Sutter, Yuba, and Butte were ordered to evacuate immediately. Mayor Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento tweeted that persons evacuating Yuba County area may find shelter in seven Sikh worship houses. Oroville Dam is 90 minutes away from Sacramento. The Mayor's words were supported by Dr. Gurtej S. Cheema, a member of Capital Sikh Center of Sacramento. This gurdwara is the closest for people fleeing Yuba City. Cheema assured everyone that there are meals and shelters in the gurdwara and at least 50 individuals can be accommodated there.

In contrast, a few Christians can be described as quite happy for this mishap of nature and engineering. They gleefully took to social media and berated Californians for voting for Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential elections rather than Trump. They said the coming flood is a symptom of God punishing non-believers.

The Friendly Atheist says the truth is political positions have nothing to do with this probable flood. California democrats are not guilty of any god-like wrath falling down upon them. If such theories can be construed as true, then it is a mystery as to why many red states have suffered the most from tornadoes and natural disasters in recent years.

Cheema said three families are staying at the Sacramento gurdwara at present. He said that gurdwara officials expect about ten families to come and seek shelter. The place of worship was glad to help and are always available.

The first Sikh temple in Yuba City was constructed in 1969. Yuba City hosted the largest Sikh gathering at Sikh Parade Festival where a large number of people honor Sikh teachings.


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