Sikh Community Mourns Jagraj Singh’s Passing

via video screenshot
via video screenshot
Jagraj Singh founded the group Basics of Sikhi, an educational YouTube channel.

Bhai Jagraj Singh, the influential Sikh speaker and educator breathed his last breath on July 20, 2017.[/tweetit] He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The inoperable disease was first detected in his body in December 2016. He was a University of Oxford graduate who studied philosophy, economics and politics. Singh served in the British Army.

Sikh Community Mourns Jagraj Singh’s Passing[/tweetthis]

Singh was a British citizen. He started his spiritual journey in what was termed in Sikh circles as “street parchar” in the streets of London. His objective was to raise awareness among the general Sikh population. He has since then trained quite a few preachers or parchariks all over the world. He was a regular speaker at events and camps all over the globe.

The action has now spread all over the world. He founded Everythings 13, a Sikh charity. The organization has been flooded with messages after news of Singh’s passing. In addition to being an excellent speaker, he was also a noted YouTuber, with 70,000 subscribers and over 15 million views. His YouTube channel is named Basics of Sikhi. The videos continue to play an important role in Sikh education.

The news of Jagraj Singh's cancer shocked the entire Sikh Sangat scattered throughout the globe. The Sikh religious icon then went through the whole gamut of chemotherapy and tried a number of natural remedies.

When it came to Singh, he had insisted his cancer was the will of Vaheguru or in Punjabi, hukam. He said what was happening at that time was already pre-ordained. He requested his supporters to be in high spirits or chardi kala in the Punjabi language. He asked them to be attached to Gurbani.

Everythings 13 is described as a charity promoting Sikh education. The list of studies includes Kiddie Sangat, Sikh Press Association and Mighty Khalsa projects. The Basics of Sikhi YouTube channel was created to spread Sikh Gurus' wisdom.


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