Linda Wieland Dallas Hunter

Rock Climber Dallas Hunter on Why He’s a Scientologist

Linda Wieland Dallas Hunter

Through Scientology, the Salt Lake City athlete gained a mental clarity and concentration that helps him excel in his favorite sport.

Scientologist Dallas Hunter, 35, thrives on the danger and challenge of rock climbing, which he says “forces you to be there in the moment.”

Rock Climber Dallas Hunter on Why He’s a Scientologist[/tweetthis]

Hunter describes how Scientology spiritual counseling has given him an edge in this sport. “There’s something that has happened to me personally. You kind of have your attention on things in your mind and at some point in doing this counseling, the mental chatter goes away. And all of a sudden you’re like—bam! You’re just right here.”

And this has also helped him in other aspects of life.

“Your attention is more outward and it’s more on other people and what you could do,” he says. “And it becomes easier to do those things, to achieve the things that you wanted to do.”

Living in Salt Lake City, surrounded by mountains and breathtaking scenery, Hunter likes to share his passion for the outdoors with his wife and two young boys.

“It creates memories and it creates experience and it creates even a closer connection for us.”

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