Satanist Adopt Seabright Beach

Satanists Adopt Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz

Satanist Adopt Seabright Beach
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The Satanic Temple’s Santa Cruz chapter will keep Seabright Beach clean and more.

California’s Save Our Shores organization has given The Satanic Temple of Santa Cruz the responsibility of keeping Seabright State Beach litter free[/tweetit]. Members of The Satanic Temple are also expected to do other activities to keep the beach clean. As per the agreement, the Satanists will clean the beach a few times in a year. Save Our Shores is an ocean conservation group and a non-profit.

Satanists Adopt Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz[/tweetthis]

Sadie Satanas, the head of the local chapter of The Satanic Temple, was supportive and enthusiastic when asked about the interest of the temple in cleaning the beautiful beach. She said, "There are a lot of misconceptions about Satanism. One of our core beliefs and tenets is that one should strive for compassion and empathy for all creatures in accordance and reason.” She alleviated fears about Satanic rituals by saying that “you have nothing to fear." These incidences will not happen as Satanists do not practice such rituals and do not believe in them.

Residents were surprised to learn a Satanic organization had taken it upon themselves to clean the beach. Many even believed it to be a joke of some kind.

Contrary to popular perception, Satanists do not engage in blood-letting and other gory things. Satanas said The Satanic Temple's principal motivations include pride for the community and love for all the animals. The plan until now is to clean up all the Seabright Beach areas after July 4. It is observed that trash and other waste products usually overflow onto the beach and into the water.

One of the main tenets of Satanism is to act with empathy and compassion towards all the creatures. It follows that keeping the beach free of litter and any associated debris is a kind of method to care for all the aquatic creatures who live in those waters.


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