Satanic Temple Moves its Headquarters to Salem

Satanic Temple Moves its Headquarters to Salem

Satanic Temple Moves its Headquarters to Salem
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The new headquarters will stand as an iconic structure in the city where people were once killed for having “ties with the devil.”

The Satanic Temple has announced the opening of its new international headquarters in Salem, MA. An 1882 Victorian house that used to be a funeral home has been purchased by The Satanic Temple to serve as the new headquarters.

Satanic Temple Moves its Headquarters to Salem.[/tweetthis]

The Temple is in the news for housing a bronze statue of Baphomet, standing at a height of 7 and a half feet. The Temple has announced that the headquarters will house the statue until somebody comes forward to donate it to be placed alongside the Ten Commandments on the State Capitol Grounds in Arkansas.

Spokesperson for the Temple, Lucien Greaves, revealed that Salem was their most obvious choice to establish the new headquarters. Not only is Salem a place rich in history, but is also close to Boston, where they feel the people are very friendly and accepting of them. Salem has had a history of witch hunts and religious persecution of people church leaders suspected of having “ties with the devil.” Greaves admitted that the irony of having a home for The Satanic Temple in the very place where people had “connections with the devil” is very much visible to them. In fact, he says that the Temple is proud to be building their headquarters in this place as it represents the progress and advancement in the thinking of the people. The Temple is grateful to the support of the people and the local authorities for their tolerance and show of plurality towards the community.

The “world's largest Satanic community” will be setting up their new home at 64 Bridge St. The property will open its doors to visitors as the “Salem Art Gallery,” which will be depicting the history of the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980, as well as Salem's historic witch hunt and also the work of the Satanic Temple in modern times.

The Satanic Temple has recently been in the news for its After School Satan co-curricular program for children, which is aimed at countering the after school Bible classes. The Temple has often been at loggerheads with various religious groups, although they keep trying to clarify that their aim is to “fight for everybody's religious rights.” In fact, adherents do not even believe in the existence of Satan and are mostly atheistic. Their only aim is to fight religious superstition by using Satan as a metaphor for rationality and scientific logic.

The Temple anticipates violent reactions form religious groups against the headquarters and so, has the building completely equipped with security. 


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