San Francisco De Young Museum Set to Exhibit Contemporary Muslim Fashion

San Francisco De Young Museum Set to Exhibit Contemporary Muslim Fashion

San Francisco De Young Museum Set to Exhibit Contemporary Muslim Fashion

The exhibit begins September 22, and ends January 6, 2019

The month of September is a happening one for fashionistas and fashion historians in San Francisco. The city will play host to an important exhibition depicting diverse Muslim dress codes. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco has organized the landmark event titled “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” in the De Young Museum.[/tweetit] This groundbreaking exhibition will analyze how women of to the Muslim community, both those who prefer to cover themselves and those who do not, have become the style arbiters within and beyond their communities. The event will explain how these actions have attracted attention to the innumerable nuances and variations present in their daily lifestyle.

San Francisco De Young Museum Set to Exhibit Contemporary Muslim Fashion[/tweetthis]

The spotlight of the exhibition will be firmly on styles, garments, and places from all over the world. It will concentrate on clothing which is a response to collective and individual modesty interpretations. It takes into account how Muslim women describe themselves. The exhibition touches on how the women define themselves through what they wear, thus offering a much-needed snapshot of present-day Muslim modest fashion.

Islamic style has become a profitable global market during the last few years. A number of companies like Dolce & Gabbana and Uniqlo have brought out fashion lines where modesty is the keyword in accordance with Islamic styles. The market is a gold mine, with Thomson Reuters forecasting that the international fashion spend of Muslims will touch $373 billion by 2022. The present market calculations bear it out: Forbes, in a 2013 report, showed that Muslims spend approximately $266 billion dollars when it comes to clothing. It had predicted the numbers could go north to $484 billion dollars within 2019. The exhibit will begin on September 22, 2018, and scheduled to end on January 6, 2019.

When asked about the reason of holding such an exhibition, Max Hollein, the CEO, and Director of Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco said through a press release that there exists a misconception that no fashion exists among Muslim women whereas the opposite is true. The women in Muslim dominated nations enjoy a modern and vibrant fashion scene, with extraordinary creations being worn by the women there. The text continued in this vein, saying that contemporary Muslim fashion needed a much overdue exploring and represents a multifaceted topic yet to be explored by museums. The currently scheduled exhibition is an important milestone on the topic of stand-out fashion exhibitions. It will focus on the bigger cultural, political, and social understandings and also the misunderstandings. 


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