‘Poor Jews’ a Chocolate and Prune Flavored Ice Cream.

Russian Ice Cream Company Launches “Poor Jews” Product

‘Poor Jews’ a Chocolate and Prune Flavored Ice Cream.
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“Poor Jews” Ice Cream: Yes, you read that right, from epically demeaning Russian-owned company

Russian ice cream company has attracted the wrath of the Jewish community, especially in the Tatarstan region of Russia, after the launch of its latest product. Located in Naberezhnye Chelny, a city which is 600 miles away from Moscow, the Slavitsa-based company announced that it is expanding its range of products, by releasing a new ice cream cone.

‘Poor Jews’ a Chocolate and Prune Flavored Ice Cream [/tweetthis]

However, the company’s decision didn’t go well with the Jewish community, who were on the receiving end. The company’s latest ice cream cone uses an Israeli flag on its wrapper, which is drawing a lot of negative publicity. On top of that, the company named their new ice cream “Poor Jews.”

Jewish community cannot believe company went ahead with its decision

The leader of Naberezhnye Chelny’s Jewish community, Leonid Shteinberg, wasn’t happy with the company’s new ice cream cone. He told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty he found the ice cream cone to be racist because of its name. He also asked for intervention to stop the sale and production of this demeaning product.

Shteinberg was shocked by the fact that the company went ahead with the decision to name its product “Poor Jews.” He asked the company, “…where did they ever see a poor Jew?”

The city prosecutor made a statement that it will look into the complaints officially. The office will launch an investigation to see if the company used the Israeli flag and name legally.

In the company’s social media post February 28, they described the product as prune and chocolate flavored ice cream with peanut toppings.

“Trying all this tastiness, it turns out that he is not so ‘poor,'” the post proclaimed.

‘Poor Jews’ a Chocolate and Prune Flavored Ice Cream.
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Not the first time

However, this isn’t the first time this company has found itself in hot water. The company made the headlines in 2016 after it produced an experimental batch of chocolate ice cream, known as “Obamka” or Little Obama. The company used the image of a boy with dark skin on its cover.

The company was also in troubled waters after it chose to name of its ice cream as “Khokhol,” an ethnic slur used in Russia for Ukrainians. The product also used the colors of Ukraine’s national flag on its wrapper.

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