RubyGirl Community Helps Young Mormon Women Connect


Ruby Girl: Website for Mormon young ladies to connect and share. is a new website that was developed by Elaine Dalton in her quest to find a place where young women can connect and share their experiences with an aim of helping and building each other.

RubyGirl Community Helps Young Mormon Women Connect[/tweetthis]

Dalton’s idea came as a result of her previous engagement with LDS where she served as Young Women General President. “I have dreamed of being able to provide a place where young women can connect to strengthen each other and to teach each other. Ruby Girl is a dream come true.” She said.

Speaking with Deseret News, Dalton said her position gave her an opportunity to travel all over the world and interact with young women. “My observation was that they are strong, bright and desirous to do the right thing. They are the noble generation of which prophets have testified. They live in a world of great challenge but also of great opportunity. They sometimes feel isolated and alone in living the gospel of Jesus Christ and keeping their baptismal covenants.”

The idea of creating came after brainstorming with Michelle Lehnardt who has hosted many teenage girls in her home in Utah due to isolation and loneliness. The inspiration was driven by the conversations that he had with these teenage girls which challenged her to establish an online platform that can connect all young women in the world.

But why the name Ruby Girl? The name Ruby Girl came through spiritual inspiration and it’s quoted from the Holy Bible in the book of Proverbs 31:10 which says; “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Dalton added that; “Rubies help every young woman know that she is more precious than rubies, and they are."

Therefore, driven by the inspiration, Lehnardt has been able to create an online platform through the help of friends around the globe and the website has recorded positive growth. Young women from all walks of life can now connect and share personal experiences as well as testimonies which encourage others to continue pressing on with a positive attitude in life. The website is not use for commercial purposes and its main aim is to connect young women so that they can share their life experiences.

The website features the Ruby Answers which provides an advice column where all enquiries regarding life experiences are shared and discussed. The aim of this feature is to help young women engage each other by raising their voices and come up with lasting solutions to their challenges as teenagers. “We hope to encourage writing as a tool for spiritual, personal and emotional development,” the site explains. “Every girl has her own authentic story. It can be spiritual, funny, honest, joyful and growth promoting. Writing is a creative work rooted in growth. How are you growing? What have you learned along the way?”

The future of Ruby Girl is promising as the number of young women enrolling to this program continues to increase daily. As a result, the Ruby Girl will be climaxed by a one-day retreat at LDS Business College for young aged 12-18 years.


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