Roseanne Tearfully Asks God For Forgiveness In Interview

Roseanne Tearfully Asks God For Forgiveness In Interview

Roseanne Tearfully Asks God For Forgiveness In Interview
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TV Sitcom Celebrity Prays For Strength After Her Racist Tweets

Roseanne Barr has been kicked out of show business. The actress/comedian’s successful revival of her 90s sitcom Roseanne was pulled from ABC after she tweeted a series of racist statements about a senior advisor to the Obama administration.

Roseanne Tearfully Asks God For Forgiveness In Interview[/tweetthis]

She recently spoke about the incident to Rabbi Shmuley on his podcast. Holding back tears she put her ability to recover in God. Barr claimed to have talked to God about receiving forgiveness for her actions and her deep regret in “losing everything.”

Barr was born into a working-class Jewish family. She has gone back-and-forth about her religion. At times she has flirted with the idea of moving to Israel, while at other times calling the Jewish nation a “Nazi state.” What she did not talk about during the interview was that her racist tweet rant included accusations that billionaire George Soros had helped send Jews to Nazi concentration camps. Soros’ family escaped the Holocaust by pretending to be Christian. Soros was 13-years-old when fleeing Europe from the Nazis.

Barr seemed to be linking her fallout to the stages of repentance in Judaism. There are multiple stages: regret, abandonment, confession, and resolve. The interview would appear to be the third step, confession. She claimed she did not know the person she called a “monkey” was African-American. She has previously claimed the tweets were induced by multiple personality disorder and use of the sleep pill Ambien.

ABC plans to continue with the rest of the Roseanne cast in a new sitcom called The Connors without Barr’s participation. There has been less mainstream support nor any substantial support from the Jewish community after the interview.


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