Zayn Malik Singing

Revealing Interview with Muslim Pop Star Zayn Malik About Islamophobia

Zayn Malik Singing
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Zayn Malik Talks About Harassment at Airports and Being Muslim

Islamophobia is so rampant that even famous pop stars like Zayn Malik get affected. During a recent interview with the London Evening Standard, Zayn Malik has disclosed much about his experiences as a Muslim. During his many trips, Malik reveals that he would be stopped at the airport and put through thorough scrutiny. The airport officials just pick on him because of his name.

Revealing Interview with Muslim Pop Star Zayn Malik About Islamophobia[/tweetthis]

Of note is the fact that amidst all the tough times he has had to undergo for simply being a Muslim, Zayn is very proud of his faith. He is happy that he was born and raised in an Islamic setting. He is quite tolerant concerning the harshness that he has received due to his faith, and he holds no grudges. According to the pop star, religion is not supposed to define an individual.

In the interview, the celebrity talked about his anxiety saying it is not easy to rid it; instead, he has gone to great extent to manage it. Malik who was born in the UK has a Pakistani origin from his paternal background. His mother converted to Islam after getting married to his father. He is not currently practicing Islam, but he still holds it with a lot of regards.

Zayn understands why the airport security act in an unfriendly manner towards him since it is imperative to keep an index of suspicion. In fact, he is finding the security checks more amusing rather than disturbing. Malik has made a huge impact on the masses who find him appealing. His many fans have rallied and even gone to the social media to demand respect for him. Indeed, his lifestyle is very different from the religious stereotyping in which people associate Islam. It seems that religion is an individualized matter.


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