Rep. Steve King Compares Himself to Jesus

Rep. Steve King Compares Persecution He Feels as White Nationalist to Persecution of Jesus

Rep. Steve King Compares Himself to Jesus
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Both Republicans and Democrats unanimously censured King for his remarks.

Representative Steve King, an elected Republican from Iowa, claimed he now comprehends how Jesus Christ felt for being persecuted at the hands of fellow Jews and from the Romans.[/tweetit] He made his remark at Western Iowa Tech Community College after his Congressional colleagues debated on whether to censure him when he questioned if white nationalism could be considered offensive. The occasion was a Town Hall meeting in the college located in Cherokee, Iowa. He was answering a comment made by Reverend Pinky Person, an audience member, who told him she feared Christians were being persecuted.

Rep. Steve King Compares Persecution He Feels as White Nationalist to Persecution of Jesus[/tweetthis]

King, in his statement, elaborated on why he compared himself to Christ. He told the assembled audience that when he steps on the floor to give a speech in the House of Representatives, he saw 400 of his House colleagues, who he described as “accusers” and felt an improved insight into what Christ went through in his day. That revelation was heightened as this is the month of Easter and Christ’s passion.

House Republicans have been uncomfortable with King’s views for a long time. He was stripped of all congressional committee assignments after there was outrage concerning his lengthy history of making racist remarks. He was censured by unanimous decision after it came to light that King questioned as to the reason “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” is regarded as offensive during a media interview. The resultant uproar caused King to claim the media house in question has mischaracterized or misquoted what he said.

According to King, he is proud of the 4th District’s robust Christian ethic. He claimed the United States could be regarded as a Christian nation since Americans possess strong morals. The people of this country, he said, are open to confessing for their wrongdoings and requesting forgiveness. King himself is a Roman Catholic Church member. He informed his audience that he relies on his faith to survive the many difficulties which come his way.

King’s Republican colleagues are having none of it. Mitch McConnell, the elected Republican from Kentucky and Senate Majority Leader, said if King does not comprehend as to why white supremacy is offensive, the Iowa politician should quit politics. The House has unanimously passed a resolution led by the Democrats to reject white supremacy and white nationalism.


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