Religious Group's Billboard Say That Guns are Idols and Need to be Eliminated

Religious Group’s Billboard Says Guns are Idols and Need to be Eliminated

Religious Group's Billboard Say That Guns are Idols and Need to be Eliminated

North Carolina Council of Churches Takes Aim at Gun Owners

Billboards criticizing idolizing of guns have come up on the interstate.[/tweetit] These are commissioned by North Carolina Council of Churches. The two billboards carrying the message feature a photograph depicting a firearms pile. Both billboards quote the Second Amendment to fortify their message.

Religious Group’s Billboard Says Guns are Idols and Need to be Eliminated[/tweetthis]

The North Carolina Council of Churches is an amalgamation of 6,200 congregations from about 18 denominations. When questioned, the council told a media house that idols could assume multiple disguises. It is thus natural people may not comprehend this as idolatry. Each billboard bears the words “You shall not make for yourself an idol.”

The American Pastors Network (APN) explained the billboards in a radio program last week. Christian Action League’s Reverend Mark Creech and Dave Kistler, the President of North Carolina Pastors Network, spoke with Sam Rohrer, the President of APN about these two billboards. The three also discussed the conversation and the controversy around it. One media house even explained the billboards in its coverage by stating the Second Commandment carries more weight than the Second Amendment, as per many N.C. churches.

Rohrer, the APN President, said the two billboards fail to accurately depict the relationship between the Second Amendment and Second Commandment. He lamented that the Scripture is constantly misused. This is being done by an alarmingly considerable number of religious groups. Such happenings should concern the church. Christians must also be worried. He then quickly dovetailed into the heart of the matter. The president of the APN holds the view his organization holds – all Christian leaders and Bible-believing pastors should identify incidences where individuals try to defend themselves and the innocent who are under their care, as mirrored by the Second Amendment. Then wrongfully mentioning a different passage so that it pushes down the importance of a specific other. He warned that the scripture does not have any contradictions. He said that it is wrong to make God at fault for human follies.

The council explained guns can be regarded as “false idols” as owners claim they carry guns for safety, whereas statistics show that guns make any society more dangerous to inhabit. Gun owners, predictably, are less than impressed. Gun owners claim they are receptive to church opinion but still require a gun for self-defense.


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