Which Religion Will Have You Living The Longest?

Which Religion Will Have You Living The Longest?


Jews and atheists live longer than others

A well-known social interest magazine has suggested that decisions concerning religiosity are dependent on perceived spiritual and social advantages[/tweetit]. The increase in life expectancy correlates with less religiosity. Experts suggest that if religion wants to attract young adherents, then it must highlight the social benefits which come with following a religion. Developed countries are mostly secular while poorer nations have a more religious population.

Which Religion Will Have You Living The Longest?[/tweetthis]

The religious argument of the faithful being healthier due to community participation does not hold up. Similar benefits can be had from engaged in yoga and doing CrossFit exercises. It seems social connection is much more important compared to belief.

Religion With the Longest Life Expectancy
Pew Research
This is the reason a study by Pew Research found atheists and agnostics, or the religiously unaffiliated has the second-longest lifespan if compared to any group. Jews occupy first place. Buddhists hold the third position. It is pertinent to note that all three groups are more reliant on best practices and the community compared to metaphysical ideas.

In contrast, the groups with the lowest lifespan among members- Muslims, Christians, and Hindus- rely more on metaphysical concepts like dualistic philosophies. It must be remembered that this generalization cannot be applied to each individual in that particular religion. Many Christians, Muslims, and Hindus rely less on faith and identify solely by cultural identity. Conversely, devout Buddhists and Jews pray to a supposed higher being or meditate to get a better view of the afterlife.

Other than belief, economics seems to be the principal reason for better life expectancy. The United States shows the difference the most when the life expectancy of the rich are compared to the middle class and the poor. The rich enjoy a level of longevity that is unseen in most of human history. For the scientifically minded, this is logical. If there is no need to think about fundamental survival requirements, the concept of faith is removed from the picture. Access to premium quality food, money for physical fitness, and time to enjoy promotes a confidence which does not include any supreme being and religion in the picture.

The opposite, meaning more piety, happens if a population lives in deplorable conditions. This includes residing in an area where flooding, droughts, and malaria are rife. The wish for something better has been a constant trait in human society. This is the reason the concept of heaven holds much allure among poor people.


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