Religion in Canada

7 facts about religion in Canada

Canada is the hub of cultural diversity and religions. Each of this element mixes together and makes Canada a beautiful country to live in. In this article, we are going to explore some interesting facts about religion in the country.

  • A majority of people, about 76 percent of the people claim to have religious identity.
  • Christian and Catholic faiths make up 55 and 29 percent of Canadian adult population.
  • Canada has seen an increase in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism making up the 8% of the population.
  • 29 percent are religious unaffiliated.
  • Even though Canada has a large number of people belonging to different religions, people have said that religious influence on people is decreasing and has a less important role now than it was before years.
  • Canada gives religious freedom to people belonging from any faith and can practice their beliefs without the fear. The government also protects these rights, for example: in Quebec schools, Sikh students are not prohibited from carrying kirpan usually known as dagger. However, Quebec now forbids religious symbols worn public workers.
  • 67 percent of the Canadians say you don’t have to believe in God to be moral.
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