Quran Stolen from NC Airport Chapel; Note Found Criticizing Islam

People keep stealing from Charlotte, North Carolina Airport Chapel.

Copies of the Quran were stolen from the interfaith chapel at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.[/tweetit] Co-director of the chapel, Reverend Alice White, a Pentecostal minister discovered the theft, which happened when she was busy at work in the chapel office.

Quran Stolen from NC Airport Chapel; Note Found Criticizing Islam[/tweetthis]

The thief was described as a white man in his 30s. Rev. White found the man in the chapel at around 1:30 p.m. She recounted having been greeted by the man, without him referring to her as “reverend.” Of course, this did not strike her as unusual at that time. As her routine, thanks to past incidents, she checked to see if the copies of the Bible, the Torah and the Quran were in their places, before she stepped into the adjacent office.

Not much time had passed when she noticed the man had left the chapel, but not without leaving her a letter under the office door. When she opened the envelope, she found a page torn from the guest book with a note scribbled on it that reads:

“Sorry to inform you, Alice White, but just because your tag says chaplain doesn’t make you one in the eyes of God. Or correct in your theology. Especially if you don’t take the Bible for its literal word – no lesbians, no Quran. If anything, you are a heretic. Love, Psalms 100 Psalms 100. P.S. Deep down, you know this.”

Although none of the chapel’s 18 volunteer chaplains are Muslims, many Muslims do visit the chapel for their prayers, according to a Catholic member of the chapel board, Barbara Gaddy. Catholic Deacon George Szalony adds that the chapel has Muslim prayer mats, placed in the direction of Mecca.

The chapel board has always refused to install a security camera, Szalony revealed. However, he says with the escalating events, the board may rethink their position on this.

The Islamic Center of Charlotte will be donating two copies of the Quran to the chapel.


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