Pope New Year's refugees

Pope Francis’ World Day of Peace Mass on New Year’s Day

Pope New Year's refugees
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Refugees and migrants should be welcomed and not subjected to xenophobia

Pope Francis chose January 1, the day the Catholic calendar designates as “World Day of Peace,” to concentrate on refugees and migrants. He described them as the most disadvantaged and weakest persons, reminding the faithful that God keeps special concern for them. He said the actions of people living in host countries should not be such that the migrants and refugees lose all hope from their hearts. They should also expect peace.

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Francis also recommended ejecting the “useless baggage” of life in 2018. He called for the expulsion of banal consumerism and communication sans any meaning. He advised the audience to build a welcoming and peaceful world, specifically for the migrants and refugees. He offered opinions on subtracting the non-essentials as he celebrated Mass on New Year's Day in St. Peter's Basilica, afterward greeting an audience of about 40,000 people who have congregated in St. Peter's Square. He advised that one should set aside a single moment of silence every day for God. If one does this, the pope said, then one will be free from non-essentials like empty words and needless consumerism.

The pontiff went further on to say that everyone, including welfare organizations, civil organizations, and civil institutions must make sure that migrants and refugees have a peaceful future. Ecclesial organizations must also work towards the same. He prayed that the Almighty grant all of them to make a more welcoming and supportive environment. Pope Francis then entrusted the refugees and migrants under Mary's protection. According to him, Mary, as Mother of God, aids people during turbulent times. He asked the world to embrace people fleeing from hunger or war. He reminded them that they are forced by persecution, environmental degradation, discrimination, and poverty to flee their countries of origin.

Pope Francis has strong words against the expansion of hatred towards immigrants. He said that the population of a number of destination nations for these refugees has become susceptible to rhetoric against these people. Politicians foment a fear of migrants and in-lieu of peace-building they sow racial discrimination and violence. Xenophobia is encouraged. These, the pontiff said, are of grave concern to all who are aware of the safety of human beings. Francis also acknowledged that prudence must be applied when it comes to crafting refugee and also immigration policies. He also said that it is expected that a country will set restrictions on the number of refugees coming into the country.


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