Supreme Head of the Catholic Church surprises the rescued women at a shelter by dropping by for a chat.

Pope Francis has yet again shown the world what it is to truly walk in the path as laid by Christ. In a world where victims of sexual abuse and women sold into prostitution are kept out of society and are discriminated against, Pope Francis has truly shown people everywhere the true meaning of universal love and acceptance.

Jesus Christ had gained a reputation as being someone who interacted with prostitutes, tax-collectors and other social outcasts, instead of with the so-called holy and pious men of his time. When questioned about his affiliations, Jesus responds that “it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” The current Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, has brought these words of Christ back into force in a world that is hurting due to brutalities humans mete out to fellow humans.

Nearly 20 rescued women who were victims of forced prostitution were surprised as Pope Francis dropped in for a chat with then last Friday. The women are currently sheltered in a Catholic-run charity home. The pope spent nearly an hour with them, listening to their pains and sorrows and offering words of comfort. The women, all aged around 30, were brought to Rome from Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Tunisia, Albania and Nigeria. Pimps and other such traffickers procure these women with a promise of good jobs and salary and sell them into prostitution, from where the chances of escape are very slim.

The Pope has often described the trafficking that happens behind forced prostitution is a crime completely against humanity. The Pontiff has often made references to human trafficking and has expressed his grief regarding the victims a number of times. Citing the Pope’s views that human trafficking is “an open wound on the body of contemporary society” and a “scourge upon the body of Christ,” the Vatican See has said that this visit is a reminder to the world to take a proactive stand against this evil and to actively fight towards eliminating it from the face of the world.

This visit is one among the other “Fridays of Mercy” that the Pope has begun as an initiative to reach out to the needy and hurt. The Pope has also visited refugee camps, homes for the mentally ill, home for former drug addicts and also homes for the aged. The pope dedicates the Fridays of each month to a different set of people who are marginalized in society. 


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