Pope Francis Donates $500,000 To Migrants Shunned at US-Mexico Border

Pope Francis Donates $500,000 To Migrants Shunned at US-Mexico Border

Pope Francis Donates $500,000 To Migrants Shunned at US-Mexico Border

Pope Francis insisted on a humane way to solve the US-Mexico border migrant crisis.

Pope Francis has revealed that he donated $500,000 as migrant aid to Central American migrants stranded in Mexico.[/tweetit] The pontiff, long known as a critic of the Trump border wall, said the money would go to people who wanted to have a better future in the U.S. but were dealt a blow when the United States border was shut on them.

Pope Francis Donates $500,000 To Migrants Shunned at US-Mexico Border[/tweetthis]

The Vatican confirmed the pope’s contribution, saying the money was disbursed from Peter’s Pence, the charitable fund run by the pope himself. The funds will be allocated to a total of 27 projects scattered across Mexico. It will be utilized to finance food, housing, and other necessities to the many Central American migrants escaping violence and poverty in their home countries. The Vatican pointed out that almost 75,000 migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are now in Mexico. They are presently stranded without any livelihood or a home on the Mexican side of the U.S. border.

The Holy See pointed out with the declining media coverage of the migrant crisis; there was also a concurrent aid reduction for the people who escaped their strife-torn nations for the United States but found themselves stranded in Mexico. This decline in the flow of funds pushed Pope Francis to donate from his fund. The donation comes only a few days after he criticized President Trump for building walls solely to debar migrants. Francis warned reporters that those who build walls, either from bricks or wire, will soon find themselves prisoners of their construction. He made this comment after the U.S. President issued a threat about closing the border between the United States and Mexico.

The pope said he fully understands the migrant issue is a “hot potato” for many governments. This problem, Francis implored, must be resolved in a humane way and not with the application of razor wire. The Vatican has already approved 13 projects to be given aid, including the ones at Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, and Tijuana. All three towns are located at the U.S.-Mexico border. Money to the remaining 14 projects will be released soon. Pope Francis, in his speeches, and an important teaching document, has pleaded for a more compassionate approach when it comes to migration. He is a critic of border walls and strict immigration policies.


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