Google Home doesn't know who Jesus is.

People are Upset Google Home Doesn’t Know Who Jesus Is

Google Home doesn't know who Jesus is.

Google said that the answer was not provided out of respect

Users of Google Home are befuddled to find that the device cannot answer the simple question of “Who is Jesus?”[/tweetit] Many users are outraged by such results. They said that the Google search engine has purposefully filtered its results. The aim of this, they assert, is to make the result fit its own agenda. The same users have also claimed that the smart speakers, even though they cannot identify the Christian God, can identify Satan, Buddha, and Muhammad.

People are Upset Google Home Doesn’t Know Who Jesus Is[/tweetthis]

When asked about Jesus, the standard response from Google Home was it was unsure about how to answer the question. A Nashville television producer went further and compared Google Home's theological knowledge with Amazon Alexa. He recorded the whole event on Facebook Live video. According to the producer, the smart device from Amazon could extract information from the Internet when asked about Jesus. The Google device replied in the negative. David Sams, the producer, and who is also an author, said that the results scare him. It made him, he said, think that the company has eliminated Jesus and God from smart audio. He said although he does not know whether these decisions are being made by wizards or a programming mistake, this mistake must be rectified immediately.

Google has tackled the growing perception problem by temporarily shutting down responses concerning religious figures by its proprietary personal assistant. The curtailment of answers was done only on January 26. In its statement, Google said their Google Assistant’s inability to respond to queries regarding Jesus was not done out of disrespect, rather it is to make sure that the questioner continues to be respectable towards the Christian God. The company statement said that a few of spoken responses are taken from the Internet. When it comes to a few topics, such content are more susceptible to spam and vandalism. Google said that if the systems detect such a circumstance, the Assistant may not reply. The carefully worded response further said that the technology would also respond the same if similar vulnerabilities are discovered for other queries. It concluded by saying that the company is temporarily shutting down such responses for all religious figures through the assistant.

Google Home however mentions and refers to Christ when it was asked about Saint Peter and the Last Supper. It also provides a wealth of information when asked about Muhammad, Buddha, and Satan.


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