These People Actually Crucify Themselves For Easter

Group in Philippines Practice A Combination of Folk Spiritualism and Christianity

On this coming Easter, many will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus by going to church and having a family dinner. A group in the Philippines has a more literal interpretation of the holiday.

Numerous Filipino Catholics will be crucifying and beating themselves in the same way that Jesus was punished by the Romans. At least seven will have nails driven through their hands and several will cut their backs and beat themselves in order to represent the pain felt by Jesus during the crucifixion.

This is not officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church. In fact, the Church has spoken out against the performance. They have said it violates the sanctity the festival.

Participants do it because they believe it brings good luck and can help have their dream fulfilled. It is a mix of local cultural belief with the celebration of Easter.

Police and first-aid workers were on site in case anyone needed emergency medical attention. It has been going on for years, with multiple people performing multiple times.


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