Pat Robertson Transgender

Pat Robertson Says Most Transgenders are a “Fraud”

Pat Robertson Transgender
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Right wing media mogul Pat Robertson stirs controversy with comment on transgenders.

Pat Robertson, host and presenter for the 700 Club, ended up courting controversy this week by stating that most transgenders, barring a few exceptions, were frauds.

Pat Robertson Says Most Transgenders are a “Fraud”[/tweetthis]

In his statement, he mentioned that he was appalled by the negative reaction that North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law has garnered. He further mentioned that he saw nothing unreasonable about the law and that it was only a measure to prevent men from walking into women’s restrooms.

He even added that the law was primarily about keeping predators away from young women and children and also, about keeping away voyeurs from women’s locker rooms.

The televangelist also stressed on his belief that, though, there were some genuine transgender people, many of the others were simply posing as one.

Robertson also blamed the left saying that they were simply using this as an opportunity to go against some non-existent discontentment.

The show host called the support for transgenders a “phony” movement for anyone to get involved in and that people like him being asked to “look after” transgenders was nonsense.

Not surprisingly, Robertson’s statements have attracted a lot of controversy from various sides, especially the left. The Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta published a write-up criticizing Robertson’s rant. The writer implied that Robertson’s statements had no scientific backing and that they were pulled out of nowhere.

Mehta further questioned as to why any person would pretend to be transgender, if they really weren’t. He claimed that there was no such thing as bathroom voyeurism and even if it did exist, pretending to be a transgender exclusively for that purpose wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time. In fact, he added that impersonating a discriminated community would only make things worse for the impersonator.

According to Mehta, liberals aren’t into playing games and that real lives were being affected because people like Pat Robertson are the ones occupying significant positions in the government. He also pointed out that Robertson’s claims concerning the existence of transgenders in mainstream society was ignorant.

He further mentioned that Robertson’s lack of awareness concerning transgenders was because most transgenders, back in the day, remained in the closet for fear of discrimination, which still exists even today. He blamed Robertson for spreading lies about transgenders and protecting his community (Christians), who usually happen to be the ones responsible for the discrimination against LGBTs.


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