Pat Robertson Said God's Too Busy For Nuclear War

DANIEL OINES is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Televangelist Argues North Korean-United States War Will Not Happen

Pat Robertson, the televangelist and a powerful figure in the Trump-led White House, reassured his audiences that no nuclear war will be waged against Kim Jong-Un because God is busy. With the tension between the two leaders over social media causing fear of escalation, this could be great news.

However, there has been a consistent criticism of Pat Robertson’s religious theories. Critics would point out the fact that the evangelist once agreed that the actions of gay people resulted in the 9/11 carnage to happen. They would say that Americans should not feel reassured over what Robertson had said.

Robertson’s followers heard him saying that nuclear war will not happen as God will not permit any such catastrophic event to take place. He further added that there are much more important tasks to do compared to waging nuclear war. It is to be reminded that Robertson told his followers in 2012 that the then President Barack Obama will lose his reelection bid. Obama won that election, disproving Robertson’s assertions.

Robertson said that if God wants to remove the Kim Jong-Un from power, then he will be removed no matter what.


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