Pat Robertson is Home Recovering after Stroke

Pat Robertson is Home Recovering After Stroke

Pat Robertson is Home Recovering after Stroke
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Robertson is anticipated to make a full recovery.

Televangelist Pat Robertson suffered an embolic stroke on February 2.[/tweetit] The attack occurred around noon. The telltale symptoms were recognized by a family member and Robertson was immediately taken to the nearest available stroke center. The medical center called in the expertise of a neurologist and stroke specialist. A thorough CT scan was ordered to find the reason for the stroke and find the clot.

Pat Robertson is Home Recovering After Stroke[/tweetthis]

Robertson recovered soon and the neurologist attributed his cure to a “miracle.” As per the medical center, the stroke specialist referred swiftly ordered an MRI. This step was essential to find the clot location and cause of that stroke. The neurologist on duty and hospital team administered the tPA drug. The drug is used to bust clots.

The tPA was injected into Robertson about 80 minutes after he suffered the start of the symptoms. The modern medicine was found to be extremely effective. The televangelist, after only a few minutes, became awake. He also became responsive. He could also move his limbs.

CBN News reports Robertson is now alert, has been discharged from the hospital, and is anticipated to make a complete recovery. He is at present recuperating in his home. Robertson along with his family members are grateful to all the doctors and the emergency personnel. They praised the latter's swift response and care that can only be described as an extraordinary one.

Gordon Robertson, the son of Pat Robertson, urged everyone to know all stroke-related symptoms. “Stroke kills over 140,000 people in the USA every year and is the leading cause of serious long-term disability. Awareness of the onset of symptoms and then rapid treatment is the key to recovery. We cannot express our thanks enough to the medical team that treated my father.”


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