Pastor Wants Your Purity Rings for a "Golden Vagina" Statue

Pastor Wants Your Purity Rings for a “Golden Vagina” Statue

Pastor Wants Your Purity Rings for a
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Nadia Bolz-Weber and artist Nancy Anderson are coming together to promote the new book Shameless

Young girls in specific evangelical Christian groups have to wear purity rings as part of their pledge to refrain from pre-marital sex. For several years, these rings have had a negative impact on the lives of several women. According to Christian author Nadia Bolz-Weber, purity rings do more harm than good, as they force girls to disconnect with their bodies.

Pastor Wants Your Purity Rings for a “Golden Vagina” Statue[/tweetthis]

She has written a new book, Shameless: A Sexual Reformation, which explores the influence of purity culture on Christian women. She believes that holding girls responsible for keeping their Christian brothers away from sex until they got married is a harmful concept.

As a result of this train of thought, several Christian women had to dress appropriately, while only resorting to hugging or holding hands, while involved in serious relationships. Even an individual who was a well-known advocate for this practice apologized for the effect of this movement on Christians.

In the book, the author wants women to reclaim their bodies by talking about various topics such as Christianity and sex.

Bolz-Weber believes what the church tried to keep a check on is the perfect platform to talk about righteousness. She wants the women to understand they have the right to determine its use.

The writer has come up with an innovative way to turn purity rings into something different. She went on Twitter, asking her followers and fellow Christians to send as many of rings as possible for her art project.

Bolz-Weber contacted Nancy Anderson, an artist, and informed her of the idea. The duo plan on collecting purity rings, melting them, and recasting them into a “Golden Vagina.” The project is part of the marketing campaign for her book.

Bolz-Weber commented that if things go according to schedule, the public will get to look at the statue next year. She added this figure would become a symbol of freedom, giving women the opportunity to escape from the shaming thoughts.

At the same time, the writer also understands the root cause which led to the popularity of this belief. According to Bolz-Weber, the aim of leading a holy life got mixed up with purity. She continued that replacing one with the other isn’t the same as they are completely different things.

She is also was the founder of House for All Sinners and Saints, a Lutheran church for the queer. Those who send their purity rings will receive a certificate from the author, encouraging them to lead lives without shame.


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