Parents Sue Trans Son to Stop Hormone Therapy

Parents Sue Trans Son to Stop Hormone Therapy

Parents Sue Trans Son to Stop Hormone Therapy

His grandparents are open to the procedure

A court in Ohio will decide on a 17-year-old transgender teen whose condition is so bad the presiding judge has described the situation as “gut-wrenching.”[/tweetit] The concerned person, although born as a girl, identifies as being a boy. The parents of the teen want the authority bestowed by the court to stop him from receiving any therapy or treatment. The latter was recommended by a medical team monitoring his condition. The team has described the teen's condition as a near fatal one. He underwent hospitalization in 2016.

Parents Sue Trans Son to Stop Hormone Therapy[/tweetthis]

The Hamilton County Job and Family Services has taken temporary legal custody of the teen. He presently lives with his grandparents. The latter supports the gender identity of the teen and wants custody. He also prefers to live with his maternal grandparents. The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, where the teen has been treated, testified that he is improving both emotionally and mentally due to the supportive environment created by the grandparents. However, the medical team studying his condition said that treatment must commence quickly so that the suicide risk comes down.

According to medical experts, the teen has suicidal feelings due to his father's constant refusal to call his offspring by the name which the latter chose for himself. Both the mother and the father have rejected the teen's actual gender identity. The teen has been diagnosed with depression, gender dysphoria, and an anxiety disorder. The maternal grandparents said they are in agreement to take medical decisions in tandem with the child.

As per the court transcripts, the maternal grandparents have no problem with the teen starting hormone therapy. The problem is that the parents of the teen vehemently oppose such a procedure. They have stated through their attorney that they love their son. The reason they do not want their child to receive hormone therapy is that such a treatment would go against the core tenets of what they believe. The father said that permitting his child to transition would be similar to tearing the heart from the chest and putting it on the table.

The teen had contacted a certain crisis chat service in November 2016. He said that he felt unsafe while staying in his parents' home. He also said that his father encouraged him to commit suicide as he will go to hell. The teen was going through therapy, but the mother sent a letter to the therapist ending the arrangement because they were seeking “Christian therapy” instead. The teen was then enrolled in a Catholic school where he was forced to wear dresses.


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