Hillsborough High School, Tampa

Florida is the Latest State to Weigh Proposal for Volunteer Chaplains in Public Schools

Following in the footsteps of several other states across the nation, a Senate committee in Florida has approved a bill whereby schools could cope

Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his support for talks with Mexican drug cartel leaders in an attempt to broker a peace deal

Mexican Bishops Engage in Talks with Drug Cartels in Pursuit of Peace in the Face of the Government’s Hands-Off Approach to the Problem

Four Roman Catholic bishops have engaged in talks with Mexican drug cartel leaders in an attempt to broker a peace deal, and President Andrés

Wonderful statue of Shiva and Sarvati (Image by Erik Törner, Creative Commons 2.0)

Stolen Hindu Artifacts Return Home as Nepal Celebrates Repatriation Efforts

Call it the return of the deities. After being stolen and smuggled overseas for years, dozens of statues depicting Nepal’s revered gods and goddesses

Catholic prayer

Catholic Meditation App Makes Big Game Debut, Promoting Prayer and Peace

For the first time in Super Bowl history, an ad for a Catholic prayer app has created history by generating a record spike in

Scientology Super Bowl ad 2024

Latest Scientology Super Bowl Ad—“Take A Look”

The long-awaited Scientology ad for Super Bowl LVIII appeared before a worldwide audience of billions. The church has made a name for itself with

Sacred Forest Mawphlang

Collaborative Efforts of Indigenous and Christian Communities Promote Conservation of Sacred Forests in India

In the heart of one of India’s ancient and most highly esteemed “sacred” forests, individuals from indigenous communities have joined forces with Christians to

Pregnant lady holding belly. Free public domain CC0 photo.

Pope Calls For Global Ban On “Deplorable” Surrogate Motherhood

In an unsurprising move, Pope Francis, who in recent months has urged attention to migrants and the poor and has reached out to the

Gavel. Free public domain CC0 photo.

Alleged Conversion of Muslim Girl to Christianity by Her Public School Teacher Unleashes Legal Tempest

Referred to as “B.D.” in court filings to protect her identity, a teenage Muslim girl converted to Christianity allegedly due to her teacher’s active

Mark Wahlberg

The “Amazing Journey” of Mark Wahlberg

The 15-year-old boy threw rocks and racial epithets at a group of black children. “Kill the n*****s!” he screamed as he terrorized them. The

U.S. Senate. Photo by Eric Haynes/Creative Commons

Islamophobic Line of Questioning at Confirmation Hearing

He has been called a “preeminent litigator with a brilliant legal mind…. His accomplished record of appellate advocacy, combined with his steadfast commitment to