Preparing for the Hajj

Saudi Arabian Minister Tawfiq bin Fawzan al-Rabiah announced on January 9 that pandemic restrictions on pilgrimage have been lifted. Fawzan al-Rabiah is the Hajj

Tree rock monument statue

Please Forgive Responsibly

We are going through a forgiveness crisis, according to Pastor Timothy Keller, a best-selling author and Pastor Emeritus of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in

Houses of Worship: Touro Synagogue

1677: Jewish diaspora is in Newport, Rhode Island. Families are arriving in Newport after long journeys beginning in Spain and Portugal, then onto Amsterdam

Leo Frank

The Story of Leo Frank Returns to Broadway

The 1998 Tony award-winning musical Parade is heading back to Broadway. The show depicts the story of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager who

Historic Lake Effect Snow Hits Buffalo New York Area

Sheltered from the Storm at the Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry

“And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest. Lo, then would

New Supreme Governor of the Church of England

King Charles III ascended the throne as King of England in 2022, succeeding Queen Elizabeth II not only as monarch but ​​Supreme Governor of

Gutenberg Bible, Lenox Copy, New York Public Library

Reading the Word

A new study by Lifeway Research, a nonprofit that assists and equips church leaders with insights and advice to improve the health of their

Protest with Jewish People

Banding Together Against Hate

Antisemitism hit the mainstream this past year with celebrities including Kanye West and Kyrie Irving disseminating antisemitic tropes across social media and TV. Anti-Defamation

Kaduna River, Kaduna, Nigeria, 2007

Nightmare in Nigeria

From 18 to 21 December, violent murders and arson took place throughout villages in Kaduna, Nigeria. The attacks were perpetrated primarily by Fulani herdsmen

Stack of religious books

A Scholar’s Analysis of Religion

How would you define religion? And if it was stipulated that it had to cover your own religion and every other religion, would it