"This One's on God" -Bicyclist Pedals Off With Sonic Drive-In Meal

“This One’s on God” -Bicyclist Pedals Off With Sonic Drive-In Meal

"This One's on God" -Bicyclist Pedals Off With Sonic Drive-In Meal
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Don’t think God covers dine and dash felony robbery charges

A Sonic Drive-In worker in Las Cruces, New Mexico got the surprise of a lifetime when a customer refused to pay her bill. Of course, that is not all that unusual, but the fact that the customer, a 30-year-old woman named Delila Hernandez, said that God was picking up the bill for her was certainly unexpected.

“This One’s on God” -Bicyclist Pedals Off With Sonic Drive-In Meal[/tweetthis]

According to police, the woman ordered a meal after arriving at the Sonic restaurant on her bicycle. When it came time to pay for the food, the woman insisted “This one’s on God [/tweetit] and tried to snatch the food away. The worker was not going to let her take the food, but she threatened him and fled with the meal.

The woman then fled the scene on her bicycle while the server called the police, unconvinced that he would be able to send an invoice to God. The police later found Hernandez chowing down at a local park where she informed them that she was “starving” and needed the food. She realized what she did was wrong and did not offer any motive for her sudden inspiration to tell the Sonic worker that the meal was “on God.”

The woman was ultimately charged with felony robbery, but those charges could drop down to a misdemeanor that could still cost her hundreds of dollars in fines. Dining and dashings are not uncommon, but saying God is taking care of the bill before threatening someone might not have been the best move.


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