Olympic Legend Scott Hamilton Credits God for Success

Olympic Legend Scott Hamilton Credits God for Success

Olympic Legend Scott Hamilton Credits God for Success
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A brain tumor in Hamilton’s early childhood left him stunted.

Scott Hamilton is a legend in figure skating. The list of his successes includes being a part of the U.S. Olympics team and winning a gold medal in the Sarajevo-held 1984 Olympics. He also won medals in four consecutive championships. He is one of the few skaters who can successfully land after doing a flip on ice. Even though the move is banned by the U.S. and Canada he used to do the backflip to make the assembled crowd happy.

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Hamilton's name is to be found in World Figure Skating Halls of Fame. His signature backflip has endeared himself to audiences. He is also credited with the creation of the immensely popular program “Stars on Ice” program.  He has also found additional fame as an announcer.

If one goes through what Hamilton experienced in his life, then what he has achieved until now is clearly incredible. In the video I Am Second, the sportsman shares the many health issues which influenced not only his skating career but also his life.

Hamilton was adopted by Ernest Hamilton and his wife Dorothy Hamilton when he was extremely young. His birthplace was Toledo, Ohio. The first of his many life tragedies struck when he was only two years old. He suddenly stopped growing. The doctors at that time could not find any cause for such an illness. Although he began to grow normally again after a few years, However, he could never reach normal height. He reached a height of five foot and two inches. His maximum weight peaked at 108 pounds.

Hamilton's childhood problems continued on to adulthood. He was compelled to retire from his skating career in 1997 after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The sportsman recovered from that and after 10 years, physicians discovered a brain tumor. The latter, it appeared, was present in his childhood and led to his stunted growth. He removed the tumor for the final time after six years when it threatened his eye-sight.

When asked what kept him going, Hamilton replied that he has faith in God. He told anyone who questioned him that God was present with him all through the way. The almighty helped him to navigate the rough spots in his life. The ace sportsman even had no grudges about the brain tumor. He said what he had achieved in his life was partly a trigger due to his brain tumor.


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