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There is Now a Site for Christians to Learn About CBD – GodsGreenery.com

GodsGreenery.com -Christian Focused CBD Forum
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It markets itself as a safe space for Christians.

Miraculo Inc., a media company specializing in cannabis and related products, has launched GodsGreenery.com. The integrated media house claims the site is the maiden platform in this segment catering to the cannabidiol or CBD discussion. The company has made the Christian community a focus of its efforts.

There is Now a Site for Christians to Learn About CBD – GodsGreenery.com[/tweetthis]

The GodsGreenery.com website will answer not only basic questions like what CBD is and the distinction between cannabis and hemp but also more complex ones such as whether cannabis will harm the body and the legality of the substance. In short, it will answer questions which a number of American Christians now ask. Christians can now access reliable information, stories, research, and CBD’s various uses. The site explains the non-psychoactive and natural parts of cannabis and hemp. GodsGreenery.com is an exhaustive resource of all things cannabis.

Miraculo Inc. has a portfolio of verticals within the cannabis space. Other than GodsGreenery.com, it also owns cannabisMD.com and has made plans for more sites in 2019. The sites contain invaluable academic and scientific studies, original articles, news, and video along with multiple discussion forums.

The cannabis-oriented website is much needed as CBD derivative products are quickly becoming mainstream. Cannabis sourced products are now openly sold in fitness centers, beauty salons, and membership exclusive warehouse clubs. GodsGreenery is a safe and healthy place for Christians to be connected to make sense of this information. The difference between this website and the secular ones is that the information is distilled through the lens of faith.

Michael Klein, the CEO of GodsGreenery, said the site was the end product of a desire to serve the devout Christian community. The non-advocacy platform is expressly created to host CBD discussions. It offers Christians a much-needed place to learn about the limitations of CBD along with its potential benefits. Interested Christians can then make informed decisions about how that could be integrated into their respective lives. The site has curated and produced a number of original stories, news coverage, and thought-provoking articles of the latest scientific studies concerning CBD use. The knowledge will help the Christian CBD community to understand the role played by these plants in society. All these are of course passed through a faith-centric lens. The site focuses on real-life experience stories from CBD using Christians taking the drug for spiritual and medical requirements.


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