Kara Walker

New Art Exhibit Explores Religious Roots of Slavery

Kara Walker
“Kara Walker” by Lori L. Stalteri is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Kara Walker’s Art Examines Intersection of Race, Gender, History, and Religion.

The Cleveland Museum of Art recently opened a new exhibit by Kara Walker titled “The Ecstasy of St. Kara.”

One of the exhibit’s themes is the religious roots of American slavery. Her work “A Motherland Should Have Been Sufficient” connects the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark with racial justice. Kara Walker’s art is influenced by religious Baroque art. The title of the exhibit is influenced by Gianlonezo Bernini’s famous sculpture “Ecstasy of St. Teresa.”

Christianity was used as a justification for racial superiority. Americans used Bible quotes to demonstrate that slavery was necessary and did not contradict other Christian values. The Catholic church also supported slavery but has since apologized for their role in the slave trade.


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