Naughty This Year? No Worries, It’s End of the World!

Christian computer scientist Nora Roth says Christmas 2016 will mark the end of the world.

A new date for the rapture has yet again been suggested, this time on the blog of a Bible expert.

If you haven’t been prepping for doomsday already, the new date will not give you much time to prepare as the end of the world is now scheduled to be in three weeks’ time according to a Christian computer scientist. Nora Roth has warned the world on her blog, The Mark of the Beast Explained, that her studies of the Bible point out that the end of the world should happen in three weeks’ time, somewhere around Christmas. Numerous predictions about the rapture in the past have turned out to be false calls, and only time will tell whether we can expect the same this time or not.

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Roth bases her predictions on the book of Daniel, in which “God’s clock of sevens is discussed.” She claims that careful examination of this book combined with other patterns in the Bible tell her the end of time is just over 20 days away.

A number of rapture theorists have often predicted the date for the apocalypse numerous times before based on various dates and predictions from the Bible. Apart from the book of Daniel, the book of Revelation too is an often studied book by scholars who want to try and understand the date for the world’s end.

Roth believes that the biblical time frame of 6,000 years of sin will be completed around this Christmas. Following this, Christ will return to earth and take away his people to Heaven. This in turn will be followed by 1,000 years of barrenness on the earth- a time when the earth is completely at rest.

According to the Bible, all kinds of work have to be done in time frames of seven, the seventh being a time of rest. For example, God allowed the Israelites to work for six days, and declared the seventh day as the Sabbath or the day of rest. Similarly, all kinds of farming and agricultural activities have to be done for six years, and the seventh year the land should be left alone to rest. Roth uses this to explain that the earth will be completing six millennia of living in sin, and that the seventh millennium, which as per the Bible should be a time for rest, will begin somewhere around this Christmas. She interprets this as an indication that Christ will return on Christmas time and the world will come to an end with the close of the sixth millennium.

Read the Nora Roth’s complete explanation here.


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