How Much of the Bible Have You Read? Most Americans Have Read Little or None

Study Shows Americans Find the Bible Helpful but Not Many Read It

A survey made by LifeWay Research shows most Americans believe the Bible is a viable wisdom source but loath to read it by themselves.[/tweetit] Approximately 50 percent of those polled have not read it at all or just a small portion of the book than the 22 percent of those who have read the Bible in its entirety read the Christian scriptures every day.

How Much of the Bible Have You Read? Most Americans Have Read Little or None[/tweetthis]

According to Scott McConnell, the executive director of the Nashville-headquartered LifeWay Research, even people who attend church on a regular basis read the Bible every day. The Tennessee evangelical research firm found most Americans hear from the Bible when another person is reading it. Disparate approaches to Christian scriptures are discovered when 1,000 individuals were surveyed. People of the U.S. northeastern states are more indifferent to the scriptures than any other regions. Women are more interested in the Bible than men are.

LifeWay Research discovered one among five Americans has read the Bible from beginning to end. This is inclusive of the 11 percent who has read the Bible once. Approximately nine percent have read it multiple times. About 12 percent claim they have read the Bible fully. About 15 percent say they have read half of the Bible.

LifeWay Research found people who do not read the Bible do not read it for a number of reasons. About 27 percent say the Bible is not a priority in their life. Approximately 15 percent cite lack of time. Nearly 13 percent said they have not read it enough. Only 10 percent admit they disagree with the content. About nine percent claim they do not read books and they cannot understand how the Bible could be valid in their personal life. Approximately six percent say there is no Bible in their home.
Researchers found out the Bible is looked at in favor among most Americans. About 52 percent say the book forms an excellent moral source. About 37 percent of respondents say it is helpful in their daily lives. The belief the Bible is true is held by 36 percent of respondents. About 35 percent claim that the Bible has changed their life. Only a few (14 percent) say the Bible is an outdated book. About eight percent say the book is a bigoted one. Only seven percent claim the Bible causes harm.


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