Mormon Women’s Underwear Get Stylish Upgrade

Mormon Women’s Underwear Get Stylish Upgrade

Mormon Women’s Underwear Get Stylish Upgrade
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Sacred Clothing has long been criticized for looking like a “potato sack”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has introduced exclusively for women a brand new line of stretch cotton undergarments. The latter is designed to be a close fit and provides much better comfort. Angie White, the garment product manager, describes the fabric as 95 percent cotton meshed with five percent spandex. The new garment is ideal for all body types. She said the garment was created as a result of customer feedback. She added that the garments have tried to solve a number of concerns while enhancing a number of features which the women of the church have requested. The availability was announced on February 20, 2018. These garments will be available all over the world by end of 2018.

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The sacred underclothing comes in two pieces. Members who have participated in the temple endowment ceremony are required to wear them. The new design is designed to better realize the needs of women having average to the full busts. Waists with natural or lower fits are also much better accommodated. The new garments have been tested on about 1,000 women from all over the world before the decision was made to make them for sale. White said that the LDS church tried to solve a number of concerns while enhancing the features which the female members of the church have asked for.

Discerning female LDS church members who had access to the garments were extremely happy with them. They found a number of improvements. Foremost among them were the markings silk screened into the garments. Earlier, the markings poked up and became visible through the outer clothing. Many LDS women were forced to wear an extra layer simply for privacy. Silk screening the markings made them visible but not blatant. The fabric made of stretch cotton was also breathable. Air was allowed in through the side panels. Shrinkage was minimal.

Women also appreciated the lack of itchy tags. This is as the new pieces of undergarments had no tags at all. All information was conveyed by silk screen printing. There was also no constriction of the underarms. Earlier, the garments were so tight that marks were imprinted on the skin. The bottoms stayed in place when jeans were put over them. That made them more comfortable.


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