Morgan Freeman Travels the World for ‘Story of God’ [Video]

Morgan Freeman Travels the World for ‘Story of God’ [Video]

Morgan Freeman Travels the World for ‘Story of God’ [Video]
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Morgan Freeman stars in six-part show, Story of God, aiming to understand faith and world religions.

Morgan Freeman is in a new series on National Geographic The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. The series is airing this month and features Freeman on a worldwide quest to find the answers to all of the mysteries of faith.

Morgan Freeman Travels the World for ‘Story of God’ [Video][/tweetthis]

In a recent press release for the new series, Freeman talked about how he journeyed to nearly 20 cities all over the world, searching for God. After he experienced the numerous different religions practiced all across the planet, he found that all of the religious denominations shared aspirations of the same nature: “to become part of something bigger.”

In the press release, Freeman was quoted, "Over the past few months, I've traveled to nearly 20 cities in seven different countries on a personal journey to find answers to the big mysteries of faith. In some places I found answers, and others led to more questions. The constant through it all is that we're all looking to be part of something bigger than us. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that we certainly are."

The six-part series with Morgan Freeman is on the National Geographic Channel. It is airing in 45 different languages and in 171 countries. Every chapter will be an hour long and will be discussing numerous different aspects of God, according to the report.

The series’ exclusive preview shows the first five minutes, where Freeman recalled the time that his brother and grandmother both died when he was only 18 years old. Freeman said that some people are certain they’ll see their loved ones again in Heaven, but that he wonders out loud what actually happens when someone passes away.

The first episode of the series tackled what happens to people after they die, and will be followed on April 10 by a discussion about the Apocalypse. The 3rd chapter of the series will be talking about Creation, as well as where human beings really came from. The fourth episode will explore the ways in which people's perception of God has altered and changed over time. On May 1, the fifth chapter will be talking about the devil, and on May 8, the final chapter will explore how people’s perceptions of miracles affect faith, in general.

When Freeman was asked about how he relates to the story of God, presently, he said he views himself as a “student of religion” and that he has not yet “arrived at a conclusion.”

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman premiered last night. New episodes will air at 9:00 p.m. Sundays on the National Geographic Channel.


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