Modern Approach to Conservative Theology has Attendance on the Rise

New study shows literal use of the bible increases church attendance.

Multiple studies have shown congregations of traditional churches are diminishing in number while congregations in modern, contemporary churches are growing. Some have assumed this decline for traditional churches is due to conservative viewpoints, which do not appeal to the younger population. However, a new study has discovered churches with growing populations “held more firmly to the traditional beliefs of Christianity and were more diligent in things like prayer and Bible reading.”

Modern Approach to Conservative Theology has Attendance on the Rise[/tweetthis]

The research found that very few churches with a declining population actually teach or see the Bible in the religious sense. On the other hand, growing churches encourage a more literal and traditional understanding of the Bible. Although traditional churches still use ritualistic worship and musical instruments like organs and choirs, congregations are growing at contemporary churches that use drums and guitars. 46 percent of people attending growing churches read the Bible once a week compared with 26 percent from declining churches. In fact, most modern-day evangelical leaders believe Christians should try to convert non-Christians, while only half the traditional church clergy thinks so.

Other practices like prayer and belief in miracles are less popular among the clergy of traditional churches. In contrast, such spiritual practices are fully adhered to by growing churches.

This research will have numerous implications for various church leaders. Until now, decline in church membership was seen as being caused by conservative beliefs and practices. As a result, many churches became more secular and approached the religion in a more relaxed manner. However, the problem was not simply the beliefs, but the approach to these beliefs that traditional churches had taken. Although they had revolutionized their beliefs, they had not rejuvenated their practices and kept following traditional practices and ritualistic worship which lost its appeal among the youth.

On the other hand, modern day churches still adhere to conservative beliefs and insist on taking the Bible literally. They present churches that suit the needs and wants of the contemporary person, and this may have been the cause for the growing membership.

The study was conducted on 2,225 churchgoers in Ontario, Canada. The results definitely conflict with what was otherwise thought and will give religious leaders whose congregations are thinning a new direction to consider. Perhaps religious people who have been condemning the liberalization in their churches will be proven right by the findings. At a time when most mainline churches are going through utter chaos, this research can be of great help. 


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