Michele Bachmann Proclaims Trump is ‘Godly’

Michele Bachmann Proclaims Trump is ‘Godly’

Michele Bachmann Proclaims Trump is 'Godly'
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Bachmann was clear about her admiration of President Trump in the interview.

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has claimed that she has never seen “a more biblical president” when talking about President Donald J. Trump[/tweetit] of the United States of America. Her comments were recorded on the Understanding the Times show. During the interview, Bachmann was impressed by Trump, particularly on matters of religion.

Michele Bachmann Proclaims Trump is ‘Godly'[/tweetthis]

She described the Commander-in-Chief as “highly biblical.” She then claimed the United States in all probability would never see a more-godly leader like him in this lifetime. She thinks it is vital that everyone prays for the well-being of such a president and does everything to support him. She urged listeners to support Trump in as many as possible ways they can. She also talked about Israel and what the present President of the United States has done to advance Israel's cause. It is another point, Bachmann claimed, as to why she has never witnessed a more biblical president than Trump.

Critics predictably disagree. They concur on the use of the word “biblical” though, with one exception. If “biblical” means torturing helpless people, then her words can be deemed as valid. If Bachmann meant anything else, she is basically advertising for atheism. Trump has been described as insensitive, ignorant, incompetent and cruel. Critics point to behavior that is at odds with Christianity’s teachings, such as the facts that Trump has a total of five children from three wives and paid a porn star to keep quiet about his dalliances. For all Bachmann’s biblical fawning, President Trump has ordered his administration to take children away from parents and frequently promotes white nationalism and bigotry. He also asks people to tell lies for him and continually gets entangled in scandals which are in most cases created by him only.

Bachmann herself had served as an evangelical advisor to Trump and pledged to expose the so-called “deep state.” The latter is a conspiracy theory popular in right-wing circles which claims the presence of people embedded deep inside the Trump administration who work to undermine the U.S. Government. Bachmann has described these people as shadowy figures who relentlessly work to promote economic Marxism and other leftist cultural tropes. These saboteurs, according to the former representative, also wants to push Islamic jihad into the United States.


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