Michael W. Smith new album and tour

Michael W. Smith Announces New Christian Music Album and Tour

Michael W. Smith new album and tour
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Critics have praised the album

Michael W. Smith, noted actor, accomplished author, and three-time Grammy winner, has announced his first installment of the Surrounded By a Million Lights World Tour.[/tweetit] Compassion International will present the tour with Nathan Tasker slated to be the special guest. The tour is planned to begin from March 8 from the city of Rochester, MN. It will tour the Eastern United States and will end on May 5 in Lancaster, PA.

Michael W. Smith Announces New Christian Music Album and Tour[/tweetthis]

Smith's albums will be a countercultural response against the 2017 divisive national sentiment. The list of compilations includes A Million Lights, scheduled to be released on February 16. The date February 23 will witness the release of Surrounded, a live worship album. Both albums will be released from The Fuel Music and Rocketown Records.

According to Smith, with Surrounded, he strives to justify the diverse expressions of the church into one joyful and passionate worship cry. He collected worshippers around his band Nov. 2 for a passionate and intimate recording at The Factory/Jamison Hall located in Franklin, Tennessee.

The song “Revolution” is an inspirational musical piece from the A Million Lights album. Justifying such a name, the singer told in an interview that this song was the first he composed and finished in the album. He added that there is a requirement to listen more and also talk less. There should be more comprehension and the need to love much better. He said that although the rationale sounds valid at all times, it matters more in the turbulent times of today.

The song is beautiful with the acoustic guitar pairing perfectly with the track's anthemic drums. The soft vocals of Smith makes a perfect accompaniment to transform “Revolution” into a light hearted song. This song is a perfect match for messages of hope which comes with A Million Lights. The album also features tracks like “Forgive” and “Love Always Wins.”

Critics are impressed with Smith's new offerings. They have described his album as an excellent and balanced mix of pop, tropical house, worship music, contemporary, and melodic house. The album, to the surprise of many critics, had influence of EDM as well. They especially praised one particular song, “Louder” where the band blends piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and lush string sections to make a song which can be heard multiple times. 


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