Mayor Pete Buttigieg Stands by Calling Trump's Christianity "Hypocrisy"

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Stands by His Claim Trump’s Christianity is “Hypocrisy”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Stands by Calling Trump's Christianity "Hypocrisy"
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The gay Episcopalian has always been outspoken concerning his progressive Christian stance.

Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and a 2020 presidential hopeful, has explained as to why he questioned the Christianity of President Donald Trump. He has sharply criticized the ways through which both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence exhibit their faith. In an interview with USA Today, Buttigieg pointed out it would be difficult for him to observe Trump and accept he believes in God. The president says he is a Presbyterian.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Stands by His Claim Trump’s Christianity is “Hypocrisy”[/tweetthis]

Buttigieg has stood out in stark contrast from his contemporaries as an unquestionably devoted Christian speaking against the dominance of the Christian right-wing faction. He supports the left’s stated position of separating the church from the state, and one must not be afraid to bring in arguments which will convince the faithful to adopt a progressive direction. The South Bend mayor has questioned how Pence, who terms himself as a kind of “evangelical Catholic” can be a “cheerleader of the porn-star presidency.” The Democrat jabbed the Republican, asking if his belief in the Bible ended “when he started believing in Trump.”

Media has criticized what Buttigieg has been saying against the U.S. President and the Republican party asking if it’s in line with his call for political “decency.” Buttigieg replied that it was important to point out hypocrisy when one notices it. Buttigieg claimed when someone blatantly wants to impose his religion and simultaneously teams up with a president who has complete disregard for Christian values, it’s hypocrisy. He added that the rebuttal must be factual and there is an uncompromising requirement, to be honest. One must be decent to resolve such disagreements.

Buttigieg, above all, declines to term Trump as a Christian. He said it is hard not to see the spectacle of public praying by fundamentalist Christian leaders as evidence of being holy. The mayor said Jesus warned against such flashy spirituality. He said there are many other examples where right-wing Christians ignore literal words which Christ spoke. Hypocrisy, Buttigieg, pointed out, could be a defining trait of the Trump presidency.


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