Majority of Americans Say Employers Should Pay For Birth Control; Divided on LGBTQ Issues

Research shows that Americans are split on LGBT issues, but the majority say employers should provide birth control coverage.

Research conducted by Pew has revealed that a majority of Americans believe that birth control should be included in an employee's healthcare provisions. However, when asked if businesses can serve gay people or not, nearly half said that they don't have to if it is against their religious beliefs. A similar number of Americans have indicated likewise when asked if transgender people should be allowed to use restrooms that are specific to the gender they identify themselves with.

Exactly 2/3 of the 4,500 Americans whom Pew conducted their research on have unanimously said that employers should pay for birth control. Believing that birth control is something that is important for women employees because of the implications it can have on their work, most said that companies should include it in their medical care provisions.

When asked if businesses should be given the right to deny services to gay people because of their religious affiliations, 48 percent of the respondents said they should. Examples of such businesses include instances of marriage service companies denying services to gay couples. 49 percent respondents said that the equal treatment should be given to couples of both orientations.

Similar patterns emerged when asked if transgender people should be allowed to use restrooms allotted to the sex that they identify themselves with. 51 percent said that they should be given that right while 46 percent insisted that transgender people should use restrooms of the sex they were born. Of late, a number of instances have surfaced where transgender people demanded to be allowed to use restroom allotted to the sex that they identify with. Using restrooms allotted to the sex of their birth can be difficult to them because they feel they are ‘in the wrong place.”

The common belief is that religious freedom means that rights can be denied to certain people simply because of their orientation, sexual queerness or other such factors. However, critics have pointed out that this is an abuse of religious freedom and that it is wrong to curtail someone's rights by misusing constitutional freedom.


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