"I Love God." Chris Pratt's Acceptance Speech at Teen Choice Award

“I Love God.” Chris Pratt’s Acceptance Speech at Teen Choice Awards

"I Love God." Chris Pratt's Acceptance Speech at Teen Choice Award
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Actor Chris Pratt uses limelight to spread the word of God.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt picked up the Best Summer Actress and Actor Teen Choice Awards over the weekend. Chris Pratt is one actor who doesn’t shy away when it comes to talking about God.[/tweetit] In fact, he used this opportunity of being on the big stage to educate the youth about the Lord.

“I Love God.” Chris Pratt’s Acceptance Speech at Teen Choice Awards[/tweetthis]

During his acceptance speech, before introducing Bryce Dallas Howard, his co-star in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Pratt delivered a heartwarming message to all his fans. First, he thanked God for giving him so many amazing opportunities in life. He was thrilled about picking up an award for his performance. He stated that everyone knows he will talk about the Lord when he gets a platform. As his co-star couldn’t attend the event, she joined in through video chat.

He told his young fans to love God, just like him. It is great to know that the actor still hasn’t lost touch with his roots, despite his stardom.

Not the first time Pratt has professed his faith in an acceptance speech

Chris Pratt never wastes an opportunity, when it comes to professing his faith proudly and loudly. During the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the actor preached a sermon, as he wanted to send across an important message to all the viewers. He told everyone that there isn’t anybody in this world who is perfect. In fact, everyone is imperfect, as God had a reason to make people this way.

He also said if people learn to accept their imperfections, they get an important gift from God, known as grace. He believes God gave His blood as a form of payment for the grace. Due to this reason, no one should ever take grace for granted or forget about its existence.

While accepting the Generation award at the event, he left an important message to all the young viewers of his audience. As every individual has a soul, they have to be careful with it. He stated that God is real and loves everyone. Also, God only wants the best for everyone in this world. Due to this reason, it is vital that everyone believes in it, as it will help people in the long run.


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