Pictures create a stir on the Internet; fans give mixed reactions to the pictures.

Speculations about Lindsay Lohan’s change of faith may spike up after the “Mean Girls” actress was spotted posing for photos in a burkini at Phuket, Thailand. The actress's strange choice of attire may have shocked a lot of people, but the fans who have been following her closely are not surprised one bit.

Earlier, the actress had cleared up her Instagram account, indicating that she was “starting afresh,” putting up the popular Arabic phrase, “Alaikum Salam,” which translates into a greeting of peace.  She was also previously spotted in a hijab, and also caring a copy of the Quran. The Internet was full of theories and claims about her conversion to Islam, although her mother denied that Lohan had changed her religion.

However, now that photos of her in a burkini have surfaced, these old claims may come back to life again. In the photos, Lohan can be seen in a red and black burkini, covering her entire body, except her face. The burkini is the Islamic version of the bikini, which Muslim women wear when they go to the beach. The burkini has recently been a matter of great controversy, especially in France, where the local authorities of different cities wanted to put a complete ban on the religious attire.

Naturally, people are left wondering what message Lohan is trying to convey. Some believe that the burkini-shoot could be her first step in launching a range of modest fashion lines, which she had announced she was planning on doing in March. Her reps, however, declined to comment on this and to give a definitive answer.

LOHAN by Lindsay Lohan with the inspiration of #MODESTFASHION finding inspiration at sea ??

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Confusingly, the photos also include some in which she is wearing skimpy swimwear. There are also pictures of her sunbathing in minimal clothing as well. This makes the matter all the more unclear.

#readyforsummer #mermaids ???????

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Lohan's interest in Islam and now her photoshoot in a burkini have been received with mixed feelings by social media users. Many have even posted hate messages, obviously stemming out of hatred of Islam. Many slammed her directly for involving herself with refugees and for working for the betterment of civilians who are suffering in Syria.

Lohan, who has already taken to wearing a headscarf, was profiled at the Heathrow airport in London during a trip she made recently.


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