Will Contest Davis For County Clerk Position of Rowan

A gay man from Kentucky has decided to run for office against the woman who denied him a marriage certificate in 2015. 43-year old David Ermold of Morehead City in Rowan County, Kentucky was twice turned down when he applied for a license of marriage by Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk.

County Clerk Race 2018

Mr. Ermold officially announced his candidacy for the 2018 county clerk race and filed to run for office at the Rowan County courthouse, almost two years after he was at the same venue to sue the incumbent.

In turning her new opponent away in 2015, Mrs. Davis told David that she was prohibited by the authority of God to approve a marriage license for people of the same gender. This was in direct violation of the Supreme Court ruling of the same year that legalized gay marriage across the nation.

David was just one of a number of people who sued the county clerk back then. She ended up spending five nights in jail, as she declared that she would rather be imprisoned than comply with that ruling of the highest court in the United States. Mr. Ermold was at the time seeking a license in order to tie the knot with his long-time fiancé, David Moore. The two were eventually granted the authorization and got married.

Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign

County clerk Davis, in the meantime, traveled to Romania earlier this year to campaign against same-sex marriage. It is this act, David says, that prompted him to want to run against her, having thought of and then deciding against it in their conflict back in 2015.

Davis herself is said to have been married four times and has two children outside those marriages.


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