‘Kill the Jews’ Spray-painted on Brooklyn Synagogue

‘Kill the Jews’ Spray-painted on Brooklyn Synagogue

‘Kill the Jews’ Spray-painted on Brooklyn Synagogue

Anti-Semitism has increased across the country and even the world in recent times.

[tweettit]The Union Temple synagogue in Brooklyn was defaced on November 1 with anti-Semitic slurs.[/tweettit] Vandals wrote, "Kill All Jews" on its walls. Other hate notes were also scribbled on its walls. The incident led to the cancellation of an important political event. Ilana Glazer, the noted actress, was supposed to interview multiple candidates vying for the state senate. She was also supposed to interview a reporter within the confines of this Jewish holy place.

‘Kill the Jews’ Spray-painted on Brooklyn Synagogue[/tweetthis]

According to the organizers, they were forced to cancel the event fearing the safety of the attendees. This was echoed by Kathryn Gonzalez, who said there was large-scale anxiety among the worshipers after this vandalism. The fear was compounded by recent events and the looming midterm elections. The prevailing climate has thus contributed to the tensions. The Brooklyn synagogue was not the only Jewish worship place to be vandalized. A California synagogue was also defaced by anti-Semitic graffiti. Objectionable swear words were spray painted on the building's white facade.

Anti-Semitism has gained ground in recent months. The hate gained even more momentum after the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooting in October. The horrific massacre took the lives of 11 people. The assailant, Robert Bowers, was soon arrested and charged with killing congregants who had assembled together for prayer at the synagogue. This shooting until now is the deadliest attack on Jews in the United States of America.

The Union Temple incident was the first anti-Semitic occurrence in the U.S. in November. The vandalism was widespread all over the temple. Hate words were scrawled on the walls, on the floor, and even on doors. Swastikas were crudely drawn, and slurs were written everywhere within the premises. Not only the ground floor, even on the second floor and the fifth floor were affected.

All scheduled events during November were immediately canceled. This was made due to security issues. The latter was paramount as anti-Semitic slurs were also written on the walls of private houses. A Las Vegas homeowner discovered that vandals have spray painted swastikas on the exterior walls of his home. Surprisingly, the people who stayed in that house are not Jewish.


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