Khizr Khan is Not Finished with Trump Yet

Khizr Khan is Not Finished with Trump Yet

Khizr Khan is Not Finished with Trump Yet

Father of fallen war hero has said that he will continue opposing Trump by appealing to “America’s decency.”

Recently, the world applauded the bold way in which the father of fallen soldier Humayun Khan came out against Trump's outrageous remarks against Muslims.

Khizr Khan, in his speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), asserted that while they, Muslims, had sacrificed their son for America, Trump had “sacrificed nothing” for the nation. This speech by Khizr Khan quickly became an international sensation and has given a voice to the collective opinion of all America's Muslims.

Khizr Khan is Not Finished with Trump Yet[/tweetthis]

Trump, however, lashed out at these allegations by Khan. Alleging that Khan's speech was worded by Hillary Clinton's scriptwriters, he insisted that he has sacrificed a lot for America by creating tens of thousands of jobs. He even went on to attack Khan's religion by saying that his wife, Ghazala Khan, who stood silently by him on the stage during the speech, was quiet because Islam does not allow women to talk. However, if Trump thought that Khan's DNC speech would be the end of it, he was wrong.

Khizr Khan has clarified that his opposition of Trump was not just a one-time action. He says that though he and his wife have lived a quiet, peaceful life after the demise of their son, Captain Humayun Khan, Trump's opinions have created a need for them to come out to the open and fight his views. Khan says that he will continue giving voice to the millions of America's Muslims, who are now facing more intolerance from fellow Americans because of Trump's hate speeches.

Khan does not aim to change Trump's opinions directly. Instead, he says he aims to reach out to America's youth and “America's decency,” in an appeal to them to not fall prey to such prejudiced opinions. Khan expressed his eagerness to do so, “I will continue to do that, and if that is the last act of my life, I will be so happy, so proud.” Khan is hopeful that American society will stop being intolerant towards Muslims if they are rightly informed about Islam. For this, he appeals to America to not get swayed by the wrong notions Trump is trying to implant in the minds of the people, and instead to keep open to what the Muslims have to say in their defense.

While Trump may have thought that his speeches would turn all America against the Muslim community and that Muslims themselves would remain silent in fear, he has actually made Muslims more vocal and politically active, as they have realized it is their only way to protect themselves. The effects of his speeches on non-Muslims have gone in two directions – on the one hand, a rise in intolerance towards Muslims is at an all-new high, while on the other, a great many people have risen to support Muslims.


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