Kanye West debuts new trailer for video game inspired by his mom at Yeezy Season 3 event.

Kanye West, who has proclaimed himself as a “sonic painter”, has made his official entry into gaming industry. He released a trailer for Only One, his first attempt to enter the world of gaming. This particular game revolves around his mother who passed away in 2007. The game shows his mother traveling through heaven's gates. It is adapted from a particular song West created and released in 2014. 

West, who is 38 years old and married to Kim Kardashian, named the video game after a song he co-wrote with the veteran music legend Paul McCartney.

The trailer was shown during Thursday’s Kanye-centric event at Madison Square Garden in NYC. West also debuted his new album The Life of Pablo and the Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection. When it came to the game, he told the assembled audience that he worked on a game and wanted to show it to them.

The footage shown on the jumbotron of the arena displayed winged angels and colored skies. The angels flew through the clouds and towards a light. The bright light was presumably the heavens. Donda West, his mother expired in 2007 post complications of cosmetic surgery. She is frequently referenced in West's work as a major inspiration.

In this Only One game, according to a radio interview,  the players must guide her to the heaven's highest gate through keeping her towards the light. Details were unavailable when it came to the release date of the game or the gaming platform this game will play on.

Public appreciation for the video, however, was lukewarm at best. West was clearly disgruntled at the reception and told the audience that the game is not a regular one. He then again played the video and hoped for a warmer response from the assembled crowd. The crowd was not appreciative the second time either.

West declined to reveal the name of the developer and the platforms it will be on, or its release date. He spoke about how the people discouraged him from making such a game. Social media was of two minds about the game, the response from joking about his venture to appreciation. Even critics admitted although West can show himself to be a “douchebag,” he genuinely loves his mother and the video game is proof of that.


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