The Gospel of Yeezus – Kanye West Drops New Soulful Album Tomorrow

Peter Hutchins is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“I said this is a gospel album, with a whole lot of cursing on it, but it’s still a gospel album.” -Kanye West

The famous rapper Kanye West was recently pictured with Kirk Franklin the gospel star in a studio just a few days after Kanye West declared that he is releasing a new gospel album dubbed Waves. There have been a lot of pictures on social media that have been posted to prove the same.

The most outstanding photo on social media that supports the claim shows Kanye West in a studio together with other artists such as 2 Chainz, Kid Cudi, Andre 300 and the Gospel singer Kirk Franklin. West has changed the album name three times. The original name of the album was So Help Me God and it later changed to Swish, Waves and now, T.L.O.P.

Speaking in an interview with Big Boy Radio, West tried to explain why he was referring the album as a gospel record. He had this to say; "When I was sitting in the studio with Kirk, Kirk Franklin, and we're just going through it. I said this is a gospel album, with a whole lot of cursing on it, but it's still a gospel album." He added that "The gospel according to Ye. It's not exactly what happened in the Bible, but it's this story idea of Mary Magdalene becoming Mary."

Kanye West said that he has not accomplished this alone, and he acknowledged the efforts of God, his late mother, his wife’s late father in their contribution towards the release of the album. He said that "I'm only doing 1 percent, 2 percent of the work and God is doing the rest of the work. My mom … had Teddy Riley change his flight and come back to the studio,"

Last week, his wife Kim Kardashian West posted a poll on Twitter to get the fans view about the album title. There was a total of 439,102 votes which indicated that 46% of the fans indicated that they would like the album to be dubbed So Help Me God. The Swish title received 30% votes while the Waves title received 24% of votes.

West tried to explain why Kardashian posted the poll on Twitter saying that they have not yet decided the right name yet. He said that "We don't have a name, yet … I wanted to get peoples' opinions of how they felt.” According to his recent post on Twitter, the album which will be released on February 11 will contain a two-part song named “Father Stretch My Hands.”


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