Justin Bieber Serenades Hailey Baldwin Outside Buckingham Palace

Justin Bieber Sings Christian Songs for Hailey Baldwin in London

Justin Bieber Serenades Hailey Baldwin Outside Buckingham Palace
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Bieber sings song of faith to fiance

London received yet another visitor. He is one of the most famous singers in the world and is loved and hated by music aficionados in equal measure. Justin Bieber, a Canadian citizen now living in the United States flew to the British capital accompanied by his fiance Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of noted Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin.

Justin Bieber Sings Christian Songs for Hailey Baldwin in London[/tweetthis]

Justin Bieber did not behave like an ordinary tourist. He did not simply spend his time by gawking at the historical buildings dotting the British capital. Instead, he did the most American thing of them all: he sat on a fountain located outside Buckingham Palace. Bieber then took out an acoustic guitar. With a little readying of the musical instrument, he strummed the guitar and sang a few songs for Hailey, his soon-to-be wife. He sang in full view of passersby and was recognized by many as people started filming him. Quite a few shot the unlikely scene of an American pop star doing a busker routine in a European city. Among the many impromptu renditions uploaded online, one stood out: the song “Good, Good Father” by Housefire.

That Bieber will choose a song of piety is not a surprise. The Canadian pop star is quite vocal when it comes to sharing his faith. The last few years have witnessed him being extremely upfront when it comes to publicizing his faith. He uses every opportunity to exhibit his personal relationship with the almighty. This was done assiduously on social media among many other outpourings of faith. Bieber tends to perform songs promoting the worship of God during every show. The audience members, and there is no dearth of them, with stadiums being packed to the max, are invariably treated to listen and participate in worship songs.

Bieber naturally sang the Housefire song to serenade his fiance Hailey Baldwin. He sang with his acoustic guitar in tow, whole-heartedly singing lines like " you are perfect in all of your ways." The song further goes to say that the recipient is a good father, and Bieber is grateful to be loved by God himself and the latter remains what he always was. Passersby were pleasantly surprised to see the pop star breaking out of the song midway and proclaim to Hailey that he loves her.

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